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WHO are we and WHAT are we about?


Chloe Tyner, President, Graphix House

Chloe, has over 40 years experience in graphics, printing and running a small business. Chloe attended design school in Atlanta in the 1970's and has owned and operated Graphix House, since 1978. In addition to her work, Chloe enjoys adventuring with her only grandson, the beach and traveling. While her love of different cultures, art and the outdoors have sent her on many adventures around the world, she is an avid National Parks enthusiast and is in the final stages of having visited all of the parks in the Lower 48. As long as adventure awaits, Chloe is on her way!


Her love of travel, adventure and art flowed into her daughter and now they run Graphix House as a team. 

Caitlin, Chloe's daughter, is a graphic designer and photographer. She received her B.A. of Arts in Marketing in 2003 and her M.A. of Arts in Public & Corporate Communication in 2007, both from the University of South Alabama. She has 20+ years experience in graphics and over 10 years experience in photography. She spends her time creating beautiful art and images while adventuring with and homeschooling her one and only son. Her husband's career keeps them on the go, but she loves meeting new people and traveling to new places. Whether at her home on the Alabama Gulf Coast or on-the-go with her family she is always has a camera in hand and a computer at the ready to create beautiful art and design.

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Caitlin Madison, Freelancer, Owner, Caitlin Madison Media

Fundraising Programs

With over 40 years of experience in graphic design, printing and knowledge of how to run a successful small business, our team brings you all the tools you’ll need to design and print a beautiful fundraising program for your event. We want you to benefit too, not just from having a high-quality, keep-sake program to offer your event participants, but by providing the knowledge and materials you’ll need to raise funds over and above the cost of that program to use for your organization's fundraising efforts.

What you can expect from Graphix House...

• We help you determine the cost of your program.
• Set up ad sales order forms to help you achieve your goal.
• Provide promotional materials.
• Give your organization time to raise funds through ad sales
• Verify coverage of program cost.
• Custom design a beautiful program for your event.
• Profits above program costs go to your organization.

If you would like more information, email
We would love to hear from you!

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